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I am so sorry to hear of your daughters friend,

I'm also heavy in my heart for her mother, as no parent should ever have to bury a child.


I am a firm believer of this : When its your time to leave this earth, HE will call for you, no matter how well you lived your life, no matter what was genetic.


We just never know our fate...

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I think we will find that an astounding number of disease processes are connected to the immune system, inflammatory processes, and VIRUSES, all linking back to genetic susceptibility and environmental triggers. Even more intriguing is the fact that gut biome makes up most of the immune system.
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I agree with the statement about our immune system.  My niece first has crohns disease, then breast cancer, and recently cervical cancer.  Both cancers were caught early than God.

No one else in our family has been ill like she has.  My mom (her grandma) had breast cancer.


My husband is 82 and the only illness he has is AFib...other than that excellent health.

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I am 67...I do not consider 67 old, but whenever I go to the dentist or somewhere they ask if I am on any meds and I say NO...They always seems surprised. I asked one gal if most people  are on meds at my age, and she said "oh yes...and on several  meds".


Some things are out of our control....but, I think people just take what their doctors prescribe... and do not ask questions and try to do what they can in lifestyle changes BEFORE resorting to taking prescriptions.  My DH is that way. He is on blood pressure and cholesterol drugs....and does NOTHING to remedy the issues proactively.  Just take a pill is his fix it motto. 



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@juanitalinda wrote:

So often I read comments about health and longevity with the implication that we won’t get sick and  we will live a healthy long life if we just have a positive attitude,  eat healthy and stay active. 


I truly believe that attitude, nutrition, and activity all contribute to a healthy and long life.  But do you think that sometimes it comes across as victim blaming? 


So many things are out of our control:  genetics, accidents, environmental and economic factors to name a few. 


Last month I went on vacation with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while.  We are the same chronological age, but we have aged very differently.  It was eye-opening to see the effects of pollution, poverty, and familial stress, despite her positive attitude, activity level and healthy diet. 


We had a great time, but I was surprised at how asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis, untreated hearing loss, and lingering effects from cancer treatment, combined to make her seem many years older than me.


I am so blessed. 






I agree with everything you have said here. As far as I know, it is impossible, for any 1 person to be a clone of another. Each human is born different in more facets than I can list.


Life is full of things we can control along with things we cannot control. I chose decades ago to concentrate almost exclusively on those I can control. 


My interests in health and physical fitness never had anything to do with longevity. I live, and lived by the day/week and so on. I will say this. My health and physical fitness saved my life more than 1 time.


A strong and fit body, including the mind(being optimistic) can greatly

increase ones chances of living and recovering from life/death events. But, as you stated, no person's life comes with a guarantee, regardless of how one chooses to live it.


I continue to live day by day, and what that ends up adding up to chronologically? Time is the only measure of that answer.


Enjoyed reading your post, but not your experience with your friend. I can relate to some of my friends around my age also. One of my good friends is presently in hospice with Colorectal Cancer. I could never convince him to have a Colonoscopy. Would that have made a difference? More likely than not. Very sad!  🙏


hckynut 🇺🇸


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@pieman wrote:



I am so sorry to hear of your daughters friend,

I'm also heavy in my heart for her mother, as no parent should ever have to bury a child.


I am a firm believer of this : When its your time to leave this earth, HE will call for you, no matter how well you lived your life, no matter what was genetic.


We just never know our fate...

ITA  The thing is, if she had gone to the Dr. with the lump, or told family, her plus the family would not be suffering along with her today.  She is in terrible pain.  Her Mother fortunate in this case, has alzheimers.  Thinks her daughter is OK. They are both living together and the son lives next door.  His wife and he are taking care of both of them and he is upset with his sister.  They need to get a caregver, and money is no problem

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I agree with your post so much!  I think all the things you stated - positive attitude, healthy eating, being active, etc. do play a part in good health and longevity.  


I also agree that if a person has poor health or health issues, sometimes they are judged and people might say or think --- oh, they didn't take care of themselves.  They didn't exercise enough, they ate this or that which wasn't good for them, etc. No wonder they are in bad health or look the way they do!!!! 


It's very ture that genetics has a huge role in your health and longevity.  Some things are just totally out of your control!!!  No way can we be blamed for them no matter how good we try and take care of ourselves!


Also --- stress takes a toll on a person's physical and mental health.  I don't mean occasional stress, but a person who lives a very stressful life day-in and day-out.  


You can put 2 people side by side who are the exact same age and one might look 20 years older!  


A positive attitude is wonderful and it does help but it's not everything, that's for sure!  



"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." - Steve Martin
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Genetics do play a large part along with doing  your own part to take care of your health.


My parents are both the same age, however, my mother looks 10 years younger than him.  My dad has always looked older to me having gone grey very early.  My father also has not had the best eating habits for overall health while my mother walks a lot.

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Of course there are things that can happen that are beyond one's control, but being in good physical and mental condition give you a fighting chance for a good outcome.

"The good thing about Science is that it's true, whether or not you believe in it."
Neil deGrasse Tyson
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Re: Healthy at 70?

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@juanitalinda   I agree. It seems many of my friends have had back surgery or cancer or falls that have left them imjured. Some are also widowed...lost their husbands in their 60's.


We can only do what we can to be in the best health, but their are many factors we cannot control.


I just started a Standing Pilates Balance class. The teacher said falls are the best thing we can avoid. I put a small bench in my closet last year after a tumble stepping into my panties. Smiley Happy