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Re: Haven't seen Chickenbutt in awhile

@Mustangshar wrote:

Hi girls 😘. I’ve been keeping busy with my complete kitchen dining room remodel and Chloe and Ozzie Osborne 🤣🤣61059F85-ABC9-4237-9644-4697CABE6DC7.jpeg


1B103BB1-772E-4FB3-96B5-1440A63CFD05.jpegHow is everybody ❤️❤️







               Hi, @Mustangshar!   Chloe and Ozzie Osborne are absolutely adorable!!!❤️




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Re: Haven't seen Chickenbutt in awhile

Hi, @Mustangshar .  Your babies are adorable!  I am glad to hear that you have busy doing something happy and fun!

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Re: Haven't seen Chickenbutt in awhile

@QualityGal wrote:

Not in here a lot over the past few months and I don't know if I missed something from or about her.  Wish we could visit with her again. Same for "wolf" and "squirrel".  They know who they are.  Miss them posting.


Did see one of our friends back posting on here the other day.  That was nice. 

Hi, @QualityGal !!  I'm still around now and then, I just don't come on as much.  


Mostly I stop in on the beauty forum, and I see it when someone tags me in a post and respond.  But I don't come to the site much anymore.


I miss you all.  

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