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Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 🍁!!

  I want to take some time to wish all my forum friends a very Happy Thanksgiving 🍁. I know it's not the holiday we're used to.

  It's been a rough year for us on many different levels.We've seen sickness,pain & loss.We've experienced disappointments.I never thought I would see so many food lines. So many hard working people lost their jobs & can't feed their families.

 So my friends, I'm grateful for my health & that of my family.I'm grateful for the food on my table.I'm also grateful for your company.
 I will celebrate Thanksgiving grateful for the blessings I have.Hoping next year will be better.💐



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Re: Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 🍁!!

@Nicksmom   Wishing you the same and everyone else on here !!

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 🍁!!

I hope everyone has a peaceful day filled with good food and gratitude. If your day is not what you expected, I hope and pray for a better 2021, where we can all celebrate together in good health. Happy Thanksgiving !  🦃🦃

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 🍁!!



As we approach this season of Thanksgiving, when it seems there is precious little to be thankful for, my advice is to remember that these difficult times are forging us into the people we need to become. And for that, we can be grateful.

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 🍁!!

I also would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 🍁!!

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Sending blessiings and happy thoughts to all that take part in these forums, including the moderators : )


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Re: Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 🍁!!

I just sent out a big family group email with funny Thanksgiving photos since we would not see each other this year.  Told them covid or no covid I had to let them all have a little "becky" for their holiday joy.  Happy Thanksgiving to all and I hope the day and the entire weekend becomes more than you dreamed it could possibly be. 

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 🍁!!

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 🍁!!

Best wishes for a peaceful day that finds all your friends and family well.

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Re: Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 🍁!!

Thank you, @Nicksmom ! I hope you have a great one, too. Smiley Happy