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This is a fun day for some and a difficult day for others whose Mom's have passed. Prayers and peace for al Moms.

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@Goodie2shoes what a lovely post!


What a wonderful day for women. Not everyone is a mother but is a daughter and/or a niece, aunt, cousin and friend. Heart

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I love seeing all of the pictures and best wishes !  Although my mom is no longer here I know she is enjoying her mother's day with the angels in heaven and her mom and dad.  Whether a mom, grandmom pet mom etc, enjoy your day you deserve it !  My church service this morning was a wonderful tribute to all moms. My son gave me a beautiful card and a big hug. He always tells me he appreciates me rather mother's day or not, same from my daughter.  I'm going to the cemetary today to lay roses on my mom's grave. 

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Happy Mother's Day to all of the lovely ladies who post here whether it be your own children, pets, nieces, nephews,  godchildren, friends, students, or anyone else.