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do these shoes run true to size......thank you.....interested in wide width......should i order my normal size 8....thank you.....

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I have several pairs of Bzees, not these.  In shoes I either take a 7 1/2 wide or an 8M.  In Bzees the 8M fit perfectly and are very comfortable.  If I needed another pair of shoes!!, I would be tempted to order these.



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I ordered several pair over two year time span a few years ago.  I learned to size up, both in number size and width. I quit buying them for two reasons.  The soles wore terribly, actual shreds of rubber were coming off.  And the insoles slid inside the shoe, migrating down to the front of the footbed.  They were glued and I couldn't fix them.  I'm thinking both issues would have been addressed by now.  

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I own a couple of pairs. I wear a 6 wide and feel they run true to size. I never buy mules, so I don't know if that affects the fit. I'm also not a fan of a shoe that comes up so high on top.

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I think they're really cute and I was considering them but if the soles don't hold up......

That was my experience with Clark's which is why I don't buy them....

I guess I am spoiled by my Jambus and Sanitas which both wear like iron!

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I have quite a few pairs of BZees that are several years old.  The original closed ones ran about a half size too big.  The sandals were true to size,  I've washed many times and never had trouble with the soles not holding up.  They've always been very comfortable.

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I have some BZees.  They're ok.  Pretty true to size.  I never buy any shoes that are "exclusive" to the Q or HSN anymore.  They seem like they cheap the quality down in them, to make a bigger profit.  

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I have a pair of breezies,breezes, I went with a fits perfect