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I'll take this a step further - my doctor looks like a 12 year old!

@itsmetoo  Mine are mostly my age or older (mid 60s) - we grew up together and each appointment I wonder how long I have till I have to find a replacement.   I moved and still drive 40 miles or so to see two specialists only needed once a year.  



Until we moved a few years ago all our doctors were older too.  But in our new community they are all so young.

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Count me in on #4 on this list, but the others? Not so much. Guess I ain't made that adult stage yet!








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I don’t think I even own a spatula... lol


And these days, there is no excuse to not always enjoy both comfort and style in the same items. It is one of the great joys of the times.

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Watch Abbott & Costello on YouTube


Love cheesy old horror movies


Upset that I can't find Count Chocula cereal on the shelves anymore