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First I have been out in 10 days. Lots of voids in the shelves. Sa one person buying 6 large blocks of cream cheese. Wanted to get Hubbs chocolate covered peanuts-could not find any.

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Cream cheese is supposed to be difficult to find, but I saw plenty of it during

grocery shopping this week.  Philly and store brand was available, but it was expensive.


Six blocks of cream cheese is really not that that much if somone is baking and making dips for Christmas.


Some shelves are empty in my area too.  Bottled spring water in gallons is getting difficult go find.

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Went shopping this week. No problem. Shelves were full, but the prices were scary. 

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I haven't had cream cheese in decades so no great loss. Here in Chicago shelves are well stocked although prices have risen!!!

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I had to go to 3 Kroger's and 3 Publix's to find everything on my grocery list this week.  Shelves are looking less full.  More and more of those signs are popping up saying "distribution problem."

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@Group 5 minus 1 


Here is a super easy peanut cluster recipe. They are yummy.


Peanut Clusters

12 oz semi sweet chocolate chips
5 oz peanut butter chips
5 oz milk chocolate chips
12-14 oz of cocktail or Spanish peanuts

Melt chocolate over double boiler or slowly in microwave stirring as you melt chocolate
Remove from heat, stir until smooth
Add nuts, stir
Drop by tablespoon on wax paper. Let stand at room temperature until firm.
You can also put in the refrigerator a few mins.
Store in container.
Makes 4 dz depending on size

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I was at the supermarket earlier this week ...fully stocked here in NYC.


EXCEPT ..... Entenmann's shelves. Not just my supermarket - deli and Walgreen's also empty sheelves.

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The only items I've seen not so much in stock in the last week or so by me is toilet paper and bottled water.

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"The only items I've seen not so much in stock in the last week or so by me is toilet paper and bottled water."


Even though I can still find toilet paper in stock I cannot find the 2.5 gallon containers of water that have the handle.  I can only find the one gallon and small bottled water in grocery stores.

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I order curbside pickup groceries, so I have not seen the shelves. All three groceries that we use did not have Lay's Lightly Salted Potato Chips. Otherwise, we are getting our order complete, and I do not allow substitutions so that says something about how well stocked they must be.