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@NicksmomESQ   Best wishes to you for a wonderful birthday and what great news about your son's engagement.

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@NicksmomESQ @4kitties  @Kitlynn  Congratulations on the engagements in your family's. Sending best wishes for much happiness to all three couples as they each begin to make plans for their big day! 

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Nicksmom, I could feel your excitement bouncing right through the computer screen.  Happy Birthday and congratulations on your son's engagement.  

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@NicksmomESQ wrote:

   It’s been a whirlwind few days for my family.My son just became engaged!! DH & I are thrilled. His fiancée is such a smart, beautiful, loving young lady.They are talking about  getting married late next Summer.

  In addition tomorrow is also my birthday so we’ve been celebrating the two events for the last couple of days.

  My heart is so full of gratitude.I’m truly blessed!!


@NicksmomESQ   What great events to celebrate. Happy Birthday and congrats to your DS & future DIL. 💕

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@NicksmomESQ ,enjoy these moments!love has a way of touching everyone!Wonderful  news !

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@NicksmomESQ - 


Congratulations to the happy couple and your whole family! 💞



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@NicksmomESQ   Wishing you even more good things ahead! Enjoy your family!🙂

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What wonderful news for your family.  I wish your son & his fiancee much happiness while planning, as well as after their ceremony.  Bless them both in their new life together.


And, Happy Birthday to you.  Enjoy your special day.

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Thank you all for your love & best wishes!! It means the world to me!! 💐