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@Justholdingon  I'm sorry this has happened.  How did she pay for the Visa cards she purchased for the scammers?  If she paid using her own credit card, she can dispute the charge (although I don't know if it's even possible to buy credit cards with credit cards). Also, this should be reported to the police; call the non-emergency number.  I also wonder if you called Visa and gave them the numbers on the back of the card, if they could do anything.  I doubt it, but it doesn't hurt to try.  They've probably already spent the money.  One last thought, where did she purchase the cards from?  Perhaps they can somehow help, as a Goodwill gesture?  Speaking honestly, I don't think you'll see that money again, but I would certainly exhaust all resources to try.  It's a tough learning lesson.  Good luck.

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This is not a new scam. Several years ago my parents received a call and was informed that their grandson was involved in a terrible car crash and $ was needed for him to receive immediate medical care and requested credit card information. The caller then told her several major injuries but by then my mom's common sense kicked in and realized that she wouldn't be receiving this call for cash but his parents would. She hung up and called my sister and found out it was a scam. Neither of my parents would ever give that kind of info to some unknown person who called them.


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           I heard about this one on our local news. It makes me so upset when I hear about this being done to the elderly. Well they will get theirs  in the end. 


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A few years back I recieved a scam caller...first thing he said was my grandson was in an accident and he didn't want his folks to know so i needed to send money....


When someone calls and catches you off guard and says your family member was in an accident it takes a few minutes to get your senses back...and when I did...first thing i asked was...what is my grandsons name...and they hung up...


Had they off chance got it next question would have been give me his driver license number...grandson was 12 at the time so he couldn't have been driving...


For those of you that make fun of can happen...first thing you think is oh my goodness my son...grandchild...husband is in need of me...then once you get to talking to them you realize....this is a scam...


Don't rush to judgement...its unkind...

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The scam here is for 2 or more people to show up at a house offering to repave driveway (sometimes they say for free).  While one of the scam artists is outside with the old couple showing them what they will do, the other one or two are inside ripping them off.  Tell your parents and grandparents, if someone shows up to your house trying to offer repairs, send them on their way.  It has happened a lot here.

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Specifying what to pay *with*, i.e. the cards, is a HUGE red flag. Not to mention this particular scam has been around for years - the whole in an accident, jailed in a foreign country thing.


There isn't much that can be done, and nothing that will get the money back.


Sometimes it takes a nasty wake-up call before the person learns or their relatives learn.

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My grandmother was taken by the driveway paver scam.  She was somewhere around 85 at the time.  She lived alone and had a really long driveway.  I don't remember the price or how she paid.  They sprayed her driveway black.

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it's happened to several people we know but thankfully they didn't fall for it. I know this story has been on the local news lately.


BUT wait -- I received today in the mail a "certified check" for $10,000!!!

The directions state to review my correct spelling of my name, address, city and Within the next few days I'll receive a letter giving me further instructions on how to disperse the funds 🙄😳 Wow!!!!! Free $$$$ yeah right.


I would say this check looked pretty real -- shredded it ..... Gee I hope I didn't make a big mistake🙈.

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No,  I don't know anyone that naive and   That scam has so many holes in it, you could fly a 747 throught   To list a few.  No lawyer would EVER disclose such information to some unknow person over the phone.   Second who in the world would ask for payment with prepad Visa   I'm sure if she thought about it for a minute or two, she would have realized that personal info from the person with the unkonw voice wasn't all that personal at all.  My guess is the fraud was perpetrated by someone who knows your family and knows your mother was gullible and an easy mark.  What's done is done.  She isn't getting that money back.  Report it to the police and let the whole thing go. 

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I am so sorry this happened to the OP. These people sound so convincing and prey on older people. Thank God she did not loose a lot of money.


I have been getting the IRS phone calls sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. It is amazing how many people have been taken by this one.

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