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My friend is going to be a grandma for the first time. When the baby is born, I'd like to give my friend a gift. Any ideas on a good gift to give a grandma to be.  Thank you.

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Digital photo frame to display baby and its family photos.

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Not knowing you or your friend makes it harder but I am going to suggest a photo frame or brag book or a special children's book maybe about grandparents for her to read to her grandchild or a locket for a photo of the baby or an inital or name necklace or charm for a bracelet or a tee shirt/sweatshirt that proudly announces to the world that she is a grandma.


What a thoughtful and good friend you are to want to help her celebrate this special occasion in her life!

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I can't say I ever heard of a grandmother-to-be gift.

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How about a box of Huggies so she can take care of things when she's babysitting?

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@joann1218  You are a good friend! I've given and received new-grandma gifts. The gifts have been so appreciated on both the giving and receiving ends.  😀


You can't go wrong with a picture frame.  

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@ValuSkr wrote:

How about a box of Huggies so she can take care of things when she's babysitting?

I don't think every grandparent automatically becomes a babysitter. Maybe she doesn't live in the same area. 

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When my daughter was expecting twins a friend of mine special ordered a coffee cup with two babies on it, she even had the skin tone correct based on the parents.  It says grandma of twins, I still have it and love it after over 11 years, not expensive or elaborate but it was the thought that was nice.

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@joann1218  I totally agree with @On It . We love our digital photo frame. Our children just keep loading the pics and we keep enjoying. We have ours located just under the TV screen, so we can pretend to be watching the news while we're actually looking at the pictures. The only thing I would suggest is to check with the parents-to-be to make sure they are not already planning to surprise the new grandma with one. Also, they have to be ready to load up the pics. 

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There are wonderful grandma books.where you record family information and memories and later give it to your grandchild. I received one and it was a very thoughtful gift.