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You could bake a treat. 

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Years ago my team gave me a picture frame for my desk to put my 1st grandchild's picture in prior to his birth so I would be ready.   I would change the picture every month and they would all come in to watch him grow.


Lovely idea to remember the grandma.  



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My daughter-in-law gave me a book she found on Amazon.  It was called "Letters to my Grandchild".  It had several pages with individual envelopes to seal and write on the front what date to open and read.  Each "letter" had a topic  like "what life was like when I was a child" or "something you parent did as a child".  Very personal reading for my grandson when he gets older..

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That's a new one.  Maybe a picture frame.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

I can't say I ever heard of a grandmother-to-be gift.





That's at least 2 of us. Might consider waiting till the birth, and drop the "to-be" words. Now being a grandma I have heard numerous times. 


hckynut  🇺🇸


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@hckynutjohn @Kachina624   Yes the grandmother is to be but she said she wanted ideas for a gift for after the baby is born.


It's not like somebody is giving the future grandmother a shower or worse yet-a reveal shower for grandma.  LOL

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@joann1218 wrote:

My friend is going to be a grandma for the first time. When the baby is born, I'd like to give my friend a gift. Any ideas on a good gift to give a grandma to be.  Thank you.

@joann1218   You are a very thoughtful friend and I am positive your friend will appreciate it.


I agree with a picture frame.  A brag book might be hard to fill especially if she is not close by.


A picture frame can be used anyplace.


Congrats to the family!

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Take her out to lunch!Smiley Happy

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If my beloved grandmother had prepared a book like that for me from my birth with added photos and captions underneath expressing love and thoughts for me throughout my life and instructions to be given to me upon her death, that would have worth more to me than my own life I think. I would brave a house fire for it
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Re: Grandma to be Gift

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Any of the gifts already mentioned would be good....or maybe a throw with a kids motif..



And an extra large bottle of Tylenol and ear plugs!!!