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@Newgate ..............That is about as strange as my son-in-law and his first wife.  She insisted that their 2 kids call them by their first names, not Mom & Dad.


I would be upset too but I think its something you will have to overlook for the sake of the grandkids.

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@Newgate I think it's weird that those people want to be called by their first names.


EACH and EVERY time one of your grands calls you by your first name, CORRECT them and tell them what you want to be called and that if the others want to be called by their first names, that's fine, but they need to respect your wishes. And keep doing it. And shame on the parents for letting the kids get away with this.


I can't imagine my grandkids calling me by my first name. I think they'd die laughing if anyone suggest it.

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We are Grammie and Poppy and that is how it will stay !!!

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We see our grandkids pretty much every day, the other set of grandparents go buy other versions of grandpa and grandma and we are the traditional grandma and grandpa, I can't imagine being called by my first name, my grown daughters still call me mommy lol.  Its funny if we are shopping and my daughter needs to get my attention she will call me by my name but that is the only time, my daughters also call each other sissy.

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Our grandkids are little..

They are lucky to have 2 sents of grandparents..

So I'm grandma Jo..


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I don't have grandchildren.  Both my parents were gone by the time my son was born.  When my son was younger he called his dad's mom Gramma.  Now, he just calls her by her first name.  He's 22.  He has lost respect for her.  He's an adult. 


We always called my Daddy's parents Momma Cora and Poppa Arlow.  We called my mom's mom Granny.  

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@Newgate,  how old/young are the offending grands?


How often do you spend time with them compared to the other set of grandparents?  When they visit how long do they stay--hours, days, a week or more?


When you are with them what exactly are your interactions like?  Are y'all playful, do the kids stay by your side throughout the visit or do the kids tend go off to the TV or their device after a short period of time?

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@Marp   They are pre-teens.   We see them a few times during the year and it is always warm and cuddly.   I don't want to rock the boat too much so I hold back.   I love them too much to make it too much of an issue.   When we send them bday cards and gifts we always sign grandma and grandpa!

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Oh I would absolutely hate that.  I love hearing "Mama Jo."  

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I agree with the posters who say you should correct them when they call you by your first name.  If that doesn't work start calling THEM grandma and grandpop.  Tell them since they don't call you that, you'll call them that.