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I know the last few months have been very hard on a lot of people. I have tried to think of something positive to come from it. This is what I have realized: I suddenly have more time to think about relationships.  I have spent much more time with my kids.  I know them MUCH better than I did 4 months age.  I appreciate my spouse more than he will ever realize.  I see more, There are so many things he does for me and for our family than I ever thought of.  My life was hectic.  All of a sudden I see beautiful things in nature.  I spend much more time thanking and getting to know my Maker for all the good things in my life.  I appreciate the raw places I have come through and the lessons I have learned from them.  I can see I am not in total control of my life--there is someome far greater than I who is directing the show.  I appreciate quiet. rain quiet music. I have more compassion for people I see on the street and think I could very well have been that person . I am grateful that I have not been sick.  I am able to work--not like I was, but enough to keep things going. I see needs in other people I may not have seen before and I help when I can. I find that my spirit is strong and I know that  there is Someone far greater than me who has all of this in contril. I think I am grateful for covid.

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@lainelane Enjoy your many blessings. 

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I am grateful the pressure to do things and see people is off me...some inconveniences of course but we always had running water, heat, light, internet and access to food.....its all enough and I am blessed.

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THANKS for uour upbeat philosophy on covid.  I believe that God will bring us through this pandemic perhaps with a deeper appreciation for life.  Unseen footprints direct our path in life even in the darkest of times and when you feel broken God is really the only one who truly knows your pain.

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It's nice that you've gotten to spend more time with your kids...I haven't seen mine in person since March.  However DS will be coming home for Father's Day this's making me a bit nervous but he seems fine and had been working from home and keeping his distance.


I would love to see my DD but will have to wait a few more weeks.

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I'm happy the OP has had such good experiences.  There is NO way I would ever say I am "grateful for Covid."


I lost a dear cousin and two friends.  The nursing home in my town lost almost 30 residents.  Small businesses in my town can't survive.  Prices have gone up, but my retirement income has gone down.  

Any good comes from the strength and resilience we carry inside of us...not from this horrible virus.



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 I really can't see a good side to this pandemic at all. Death, loss of jobs, businesses closing, suicide increase, divorce increase, savings decrease ..all horrible to me.

My husband and son have been going out each day working under these beyond stressful conditions since March...they are beyond exhausted.

My daughter and son-in-law have been trying to teach special education students from their computers in their basement which is just crazy.

We just want it to be over.

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@lainelane I am not criticizing you for your observations that you found positive things in your life during the pandemic.  That is a good thing.

It was the statement about being grateful to Covid that hit me wrong.


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With all due respect, all of the positives the OP has taken away because of this experience were there all the time. All anyone had to do was look for them. From my perspective, there is nothing good about this nightmare, all its repugnant ramifications nor its hideous tendrils that will wrap around the future for who knows how long. It simply needs to end and folks can look for their silver linings another way...

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Its always good to see the blessings and the good side to all thingsWoman Very Happy