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@NicksmomESQ -

Oh you must be so proud!


I'm glad you can celebrate too with his finace's parents.

What a special moment.

I'm so sorry about your loss of loved ones and also knowing the suffering. I know that hurt will be with you for a long time.

I'm glad you have something so bright and promising to celebrate.Heart

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Fantastic ---way to go.  Congratulations.

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Thank you everyone!! I appreciate all of your well wishes.💐

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@NicksmomESQ   I know you're so proud and full of joy. What an amazing accomplishment! Congrats to your son for lots of hard work.

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Re: Good News To Share!!

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@NicksmomESQ, congratulations! He has accomplished a lot and has a promising future. You must be bursting with pride! That's how I feel about my son. 


I'm so sorry your family has lost some of your dear ones. Prayers for others who are struggling to survive but today will be wonderful and filled with joy.

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Happy for you and family, Nicksmom -- wow -- your son worked hard for this accomplishment. Much contentment and career success to him.  

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@NicksmomESQ, your son sounds like a very intelligent young man to have such accomplishments already under his belt.


We were ecstatic watching our daughter graduate from law school years ago but would have been equally so with a virtual event, especially given that the guest speaker rambled on for at least an hour about mostly nothing related to the graduates' success. :-)

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@NicksmomESQ Whoo Hoo!  A light at the end of a dark tunnell.  Congrats

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@NicksmomESQ I'm glad you have this much needed happiness in the midst of your sadness. Congratulations to your son.

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Congrats to your son!!!