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I still havent seen any posts from Godi in some time.   Have missed them?


Anyone know anything about her?  I miss her beautiful pictures.

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I've wondered about her, also. I haven't noticed her posts in quite awhile. Hope she's okay.

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I have missed her too.  

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It's always a bit upsetting to the group when someone who's very active just suddenly disappears with no explanation.  Everyone should have a designatee appointed to notify us should they become incapacitated.  Of course, she could be caring for a sick family member.


Regardless @godi , we miss you and wish you well.

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I checked and her last Thread Title was "September Sunsets". I believe her post was on September 22nd, beautiful pictures.


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I've been thinking about her too. Even though we don't get to meet in person, especially when someone posts often, and then doesn't, we hope they are ok!I hope she is ok too.


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Could she have moved to the Pro Boards.  Anyone who is on both boards, would you please let us know about Godi