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I have two beautiful dogwood trees in my front yard - love them!


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I think they are beautiful.  I like the pink ones best, but I have had three white ones over the years.


They do not do well for me. All three died from some kind of disease.  They are in bloom all over the place around here..along with the magnolias and cherry trees. My favorite time of the year for tree peeping.

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I have a white dogwood tree that I planted about 5 years ago. The first two years no blooms (I figured it was getting used to it’s new home).  The next couple years it had several blooms. Last year it had one single bloom.  I’m hoping this year it will have a lot of blooms again. I live in the Midwest and many of our trees are just beginning to think about blooming. 

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Do the Dogwood justice. It is a beautiful tree. Both white & pink.


Image result for pictures of dogwoods in spring





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@roster .I am sorry you felt i didnt do it justice.I show it up close to appreciate the unique qualities it signifies.That  is not appreciated in a big picture. I have the big trees too...

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Image result for pictures of dogwoods in spring

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I love dogwoods...they remind me of my favorite place.....Tennessee.

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@Tweety68, so beautiful. I have planted some dogwoods in the past and haven't had much luck, seeing your picture makes me want to try again.  Thanks for sharing.

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So pretty and I am so jealous.  April was cold and rainy, it rained 27 out of 30 days in April and temps were below normal so spring....has not sprung yet.  Not much better so far in May.  Last year this time, we were in the high 80's.  And probably complaining about the heat.  A sliver of sun is shining between the clouds now and for second I was wonder what the heck that was.  Not kidding.  It's supposed to be 70 and mostly sunny on Wednesday and people are saying they are going to call in sick and mow their lawns and do some yard work because the rain comes back on Thursday.  The bushes are green but nothing is flowering or budding yet.  

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@Tweety68 wrote:

I couldnt resist picking some for the house.This year they almost look like silk flowers ,so perfect






PRETTY! Thanks for posting!