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Getting Used to a New Laptop! Ugh!

My daughter and son in law gave me a new laptop for Christmas.


Today they came over and set it up! 


Let's just say two things here.  I don't like change (this is the second time they've bought me a new laptop).


The first time I called them back and told them to hook back up my old one.


We ended up giving that one to my daughter in Florida and I was happy with my old one.


But..I kept getting messages that my computer was going to 'shut down' something...something.


So, here's another new one.  It's not the computers.  They are the latest things.


My son-in-law owns a security computer he knows what he's doing.


It's me!  I know just barely enough about computers to get myself in trouble.


My friend says, "I'm not like you.  I don't know anything about computers".  She's the one who has a flip phone that Jesus carved when he was here on earth.  (No pictures, no texts...nothing but sometimes phone calls).


I always put up my pointer finger and say, "See this?  See this finger?"  '\


She says, "Yes.  What about it?"  


I say, "I take this finger and point to a picture with it.  If something happens then that's good.  If it doesn't first I throw a fit then I figure out which other buttons to push."


I've told her 100 times (OK, 101 times) that it's pretty hard to break computers unless you throw or drop them.


But my only claim to fame for being a secretary (in the government) was I could type very fast and type as if I was talking directly to you.


Anyway, I'd like to announce here and now that I would appreciate it if you guys would ignore my typos, my boo boos, any bad words that "accidentally" made it on the screen.


It's not me messing up.  It's this freaking new computer.


But I am happy with my Fit Bit Versa watch my daughter set up for me.  I have it on now.


I'm just so excited.  You see it makes me feel good.  I just walked down the stairs to the front door...retrieved the Pappa Johns pizza from delivery...climbed back up the stairs and I got a ping on my fit watch saying, "GOOD JOB".


Now I'm not going to brag here but if that's all I have to do is go down the stairs, retrieve my pizza (Oh!  And sit down...I did sit down)...then I'm a happy camper people!I 


I will try not to bore you about how healthy I'm getting by wearing this (did I tell you it's the FitBit Versa 2?) ....


Just go past my post should I periodically that I'm still alive and getting fitter (is that a word?  fitter)....more fit?  Anyway, you'll probably see me on the cover of Grandma magazine.


Me and my FitBit Versa 2 (or is it 3)...OMG!  I've already forgotten what the number is.


If you managed to get to the bottom of this post...wait!  Wait!  Don't go!  I want to tell you my heart beat is 74 and the number next to the emblem that looks like fire is 1,200 I wonder what the heck that means.  Hummm??? I think it means go get an ice cream sandwich.





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Re: Getting Used to a New Laptop! Ugh!

Ice cream sandwich ... good.

New Laptop ... scary.

FitBit ... ain't gonna' happen.  LOL

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Re: Getting Used to a New Laptop! Ugh!

"Fitter," grandma, your stories crack me up.  This is the best yet.   

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Re: Getting Used to a New Laptop! Ugh!

I'm very tech-savvy and teach computer skills to others. Everyone in my department comes to be before they go to IT for help. The last desktop I owned, I built from the parts I researched and ordered.


But none of that matters: when I get a new computer, it will still make me feel like I have no idea what I'm doing for a while, especially if it also means a new operating system. And if I take my laptop to a meeting and use it while it's sitting at a different angle than it is on my own desk, I'm going to make far more typos than normal. I will type gibberish if my home keys are slightly out of alignment. The same things happens when I text from my phone after I file my nails. Sometimes I hop on Facebook and post: "Sorry if everything I post looks like I'm drunk I just filed my nails."


Change always takes getting used to. Once you get used to the feel of the new keyboard, figure out what each new message means or how to make it go away, you'll be fine again.



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Re: Getting Used to a New Laptop! Ugh!

SO glad your day is wonderful!!!  Enjoy your pizza Luv!Smiley Happy

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Re: Getting Used to a New Laptop! Ugh!


"She's the one who has a flip phone that Jesus carved when he was here on earth.  (No pictures, no texts...nothing but sometimes phone calls)."



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Re: Getting Used to a New Laptop! Ugh!

@Annabellethecat  that was so funny ! I'm rolliing on the floor. I have a fitbit but not wearing it, still trying to recover from this knee replacement. I have actually lost weight from going to PT 2 x's a week. O and good luck with your new laptop, I'm still looking to replace mine although I dread learning to operate it. I might just keep this one for a while longer

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Re: Getting Used to a New Laptop! Ugh!

@Goodie2shoes  I just flipped out and called my amazing son in law.


I said, "You know how much I love  you.  But I'm almost ready to give this one back to you".


He said, "OK, what's going on?"


I said, "Every time I tried to find an answer, it wants me to verify I'm not a robot".


He said, "OK, Next time you're out you can bring it here and I'll change the search engine."


He handles a lot of 'stuff' and even he's surprised at that.


Anyway, he's used to me flipping out.  His wife flips too (humm...where'd she get that).


But every generation it gets a little less flipper...flippett...flipping...?  Anyway, you know what I'm trying to say.


The good thing is my heart rate doesn't go past 80.  I looked up what that bat thing is and I promptly forgot.


I can't wait til I go to sleep and read it in the morning!  That's the whole reason I bought this thing.


I still have the other one I bought.  It was just a TSV.  It's thinner, but daughter number one said it's more for athletes.  Umm...that would not be me!


My family is really into very high tech gadgets.  I asked daughter number 3 if she wanted the other fitbit watch I just bought (she has a wing ding Apple watch) and she said "No, I was going to give you this Apple watch....I want (then she named a watch that starts with a P)...I stopped listening because I saw money sighns floating past me.  One way or another I often end up paying for the thing.

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Re: Getting Used to a New Laptop! Ugh!

@Annabellethecat,  I have a confession to make to you.  There are times when you post something and I just want to shake you. 


Then, there are times like today and your OP that I want to give you a hug for giving me a good laugh.


You have a truly incomparable charm.



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Re: Getting Used to a New Laptop! Ugh!

@Annabellethecat  OMG, I know I've said this to you before, but I have to say it again.  I LOVE YOUR SPIRIT.  Oh my gosh, this had me laughing out loud.  And I do adore your watch telling you "Good Job" for doing stairs to fetch your pizza.  I think you've earned an ice cream sammich as a reward.  Thank You for the laughs.  You are a treasure.