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Never heard of a grandma as flower girl? Good! You and the Bride & Groom get to "invent" the role. I see you as having a very special place in the procession. Do check with them on the color and length of your dress. I see you carrying a beautiful bouquet to compliment the bridesmaids flowers, as your dress should compliment theirs.  I was just MOG last month. I think this idea is much lovlier than including a very young girl. At least no one has to worry about your behavior!

What a special honor for you! Go for it and be fabulous!

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My brother and brother in law escorted my DH grandma down the aisle.

I think it is a sweet and loving gesture that they asked you


I do not think any one would laugh, in fact the opposite.

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The large,  formal wedding hasn't been a big thing in my family.  My sister was the only one who did it.  My brother and sister-in-law just did a justice of the peace thing as did my husband and I.  My kids did simple weddings, no attendants.  If one of my grandkids asked me to be in their wedding, I'd be SO honored.  Now that I'm older, I'd jump at the chance.  You've received a very precious offer.  Embrace it!  Don't miss this!

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When my daughter got married, to honor my mother (her grandmother) she had a groomsman walk Mom down the aisle.  I don't see the need for you to have to carry a basket of rose petals to be part of the procession.

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Oh, Grandma, please do this!!  I think it is a wonderful, sweet gesture for your Grandson and Fiancee to think so highly of you.  Do it!!

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You should feel honored.  Obviously, you and your dear grandson have a very special relationship.  Anyone who knows will shed tears ... not laugh.  You may see a few smiles at the special thought.  Just do it and enjoy every moment.  He and his soon to be wife adore you.   Groom with Grandma

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My question:   why was the term 'flower girl' chosen?   Matron of Honor is more appropriate for a senior person - or perhaps just join your grandson at the alter when he watches his bride come down the runway.  Personally, if I'm not comfortable being F-G I would thank him but decline.

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@CalcgirlI'd do it and I have some years on you.  I think you'll have a wonderful day.


What to wear?  I'd take this as an occasion to find something elegant to wear in a color that fits into the wedding party.  In no way would I want to try to be cute as works so well for the little ones who traditionally take this position.

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What a beautiful experience for you to have.  How many Grandparents would be thrilled with a five minute phone call every few months.  To have him want you to be a part of this day speaks so much of his heart and the hearts that raised him.

Do it for him the way you would have done anything to make him smile and hug your neck when he was a toddler.

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 @Calcgirl, well, first of all, I would feel honored.  You must be very special to be invited to be in the wedding party.  See what the other members of the party are wearing and find something that blends in.  Run some ideas by the bride, or ask her for some suggestions.


It does sound like the words "flower girl" are what is really bothering you.  If I were in your shoes, especially because of the relationship you have with the groom and bride, I would ask if you could have a different title for the wedding and explain how you are feeling.  It sounds like something that could very easily be worked out to make you feel more comfortable!