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I thank all of you kind ladies for the kind words.  I will walk down the aisle with dignity and a BIG smile because my grandson and his bride love me.  I am blessed to have 4 wonderful grandchildren who love their GG Smiley Mad


My grandson also asked if I would dance with him.  he has lived with me since college ( 3years)  to save money and pay off student loans.  When he moves out I will shed tears, but I am thrilled that he has such a warm and sweet bride.   My granddaughter, wile she was student teaching also lived with me.   I have always been close to my sweet grandchildren; because I was a teacher I would watch them every summer so their parents saved on child care costs. We kept this tradition all the way through high school; my late husband and I took them on our vacations, etc. Those memories are so very special to me.  Yes, I am also close to my two children, my daughter is my best friend.  

I may be 69, but I am young at heart . 


You are blessed and the only important "Title" is the one you have already Grandmother.   I am so thrilled for you.

Thank you!

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This is one of the sweetest things I've read.  I'd wear a beautiful outfit to coordinate with the wedding party.


Enjoy the big day and this wonderful honor.

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How wonderful!!!


Honey, this is totally acceptable and you'll see how well it is accepted!

People are going to wish they had thought of this before!


We'll all be with you in spirit!  You go girl!


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What an honor! Some grands don't give the old generation the time of day. Enjoy yourself.