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  I know a post was started the other day giving tribute to our fathers.I would like to say something about my DH,my son’s father.

  I have a wonderful,smart, hardworking son.My husband always gives me the credit for how well he turned out.But I didn’t do it alone.

  My husband has been an incredible dad.He has worked very hard to provide us with a good life.He has set an incredible example of what a responsible husband & dad should be.

  My son has inherited his dads work ethic.He has his kind & loving heart.Like my husband my son would give you the shirt off his back.

   So this Father’s Day I’d like to acknowledge my husband for always being there at the end of a long day to spend quality time with our son.He taught him how to be a real man which is something I could never have done.


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Yes, I saw the other post here. It was really nice.