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I'm thankful that QVC, HSN, SHOPHQ are all back to delivering quickly.  Yesterday I received my SHOPHQ and QVC purchases from Saturday.  Nice surpise.

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Congrads on getting your orders quickly but I don't think they are all back on track with deliveries just yet. I usually get my HSN orders quicker than QVC but I have 2 delayed orders from HSN and 1 from QVC right now. It appears to be a UPS shipping problem,

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Something is up with HSN. i put 2 return items in the mail Feb 1.  i saw the mail truck scan both pkg.     one item tracking stopped dead 2/6.  the other received 2/7.     when i called a few days later about the received item they made a note of it.   by 2/14 neither items had been refunded and my flex-pays had been hit again.  i called and the CSR told me the one item was en route!  yet there is still no movement thru the USPS.  today i called again and she said she would push out the return date for the refund!   but i just checked and it's still in transit. last tracking 2/6.


maybe they are buried under all the Holiday returns. they are usually very fast at returns.