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I am not impressed with the ''Fashion Day'' this time.  I was expecting some new fall items but mostly what I've seen is just old stuff that has been on QVC a while.  Nothing to see today !

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Is that today???? Seriously, I've been peeking in every no and then and did not realize today is Fashion Day, your right "  not impressed "  

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I agree.. I have been peeking on and off as well .. not impressed so far ....

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Re: Fashion Day? ugh

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awful and sadly disappointing


.......and seeing Liam on both chanels at the same time was well, enough already!   Smiley Sad

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Watching QVC is kind of like  Groundhog Day.  same thing over and over.

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I saw many nice things that were new from Louis, Isaac, and Kim Gravel.

I have lots in my cart trying to decide.  I guess i am the minority today.


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There are 2 new pairs of shoes that I want that I see in New Arrivals, a Clarks and the new Ellen shoe in color Chive.  But I just bought 3 pairs of new shoes in as many weeks, so I am doing my best to hold back and not to kill my budget.

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Re: Fashion Day? ugh

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Skididdy, your in the minority of two. I loved the Moss Crepe dress this morning and bought all three, and two cardigans. Yesterday, I picked up the ruffle blouse, so I'm off to a good start!

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I agree - I'm disappointed in the selection so far. I'd like to see more Fashion Shows, like Amy's closet, PM Style, etc. Isaac is on all day on Saturday, so I'm hoping for some more new things.

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I am sick of the Vionic shoes always on.  I bought a pair of their flip flops and they hurt my feet.  A lot of the shoes are ugly. Just not at QVC, but everywhere it seems.