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I agree with the suggestions to check with the senior groups. If she has a caregiver that takes good care of her that would be more valuable to me than one that can drive.


Do you know any retired people in the area that would like to be a set of ears for her? I have people that pay me to drive their relative to the doctor, and take notes for them. We actually have people that work just to drive seniors places. The caregiver may come with with us. I type the notes and ask questions. The notes are then available to the family members.


I think if she has an arrangement with the neighbor to go to the store that is good. I would probably talk with the neighbor to see if they are fine with it. Then I would send them gifts at Christmas!


Your mom sounds like mine and having choices is important to feeling like your life is worth it.


You sound like you have tried several things. Maybe bargain with your mom that you will order some of the  standard items and when she shops she is just picking up a few things that she wants.



People have to figure out what works for them. There is not one answer for everyone. I hope you find a solution.




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FWIW, I believe the OP said that the aid goes with Mom to all of her appts.   So, I don't think Mom would be traveling alone in the Uber.

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if your mom has an aide and she goes to the appointments also why cant she phone a taxi for pickup? there are also other choices like a sedan service.


our area also has senior ride for those qualified. the van picks them up and takes them to their appointments.

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Re: Family Problem

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Sunshine, my mother is well aware of the local transportation services but she has a hard time maneuvering into and out of the bus and does not want to wait for the public service ride to arrive. Often it involves a lot of waiting. Taxis cost $27 each way, even when her doctor is five minutes away. Obviously, my mother won't pay those outrageous fees.


The aide goes with Mom to all appointments, so Uber works in a pinch. My mother gives her neighbor $25 for all trips but since the neighbor takes Mom to the supermarket and waits for her at the doctor, I think it's money well spent. I've done what I can long distance, trying to give my mother what she wants while taking care of my husband at home. It has not been easy.