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I used to love to use philos microderm scrub in the shower and almost put in an order here for it - until I read folks who are using it now say it's a changed formula and not a good one now.


So while googling this morning I found a product by jergens - prime scrub. Apparently this isn't new either, I've read reviews dating 2016. Anyone use this product? What do you think about it? Thanks!


PS if you use a foaming scrub (wash/scrub) in the shower what do you use and why do you like it?

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Haven't used that product but I'm still on a search for a Philosophy cleansing replacement.  Tried TATCHA - water and oil never was a good mix and it seems to take gallons of water to rid the face of the oil.  Threw product out.  Now using up OLAY which is rather foam-ie - but again - rinsing takes water - water and more water.  I'm so mad at "P" for spoiling a great product.

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So easy to make your  scrubs yourself ,and natural.

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I'm not sure if the Philosophy exfoliating product you're asking about had them but the plastic micobeads in those type of scrubs was banned by the Obama administration because of environmental concerns & had to be removed by the end of 2017.