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@Mz iMac:  Thank You!Smiley Very Happy

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@Sweet_Serenity, I have a Sony 65 inch 4K tv,  LOVE IT! It was a rare treat for me because I'd had an old tube tv for many years so I figured the $1700 I spent was less than most people spent on tvs over the course of those 20 years I was watching my old one. I got it after my husband died, since I figured I will be spending a lot more time watching tv now.  I don't know if I will watch the wedding though and I'm of no help as to which network to watch.  I hope you enjoy, whichever network you choose Smiley Happy

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Sounds like you will have such a fun time!


Our tv (new 1 year ago) well. I think it LISTENS to us! 

👻 scary

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