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Re: Establish boundaries? What does that even mean?

@qvcaddition wrote:

I have a now so called friend who has been throwing barbs at me.  Always calling on how to do this or that. Not knowing, I go through all the steps to learn, so I can tell her. I finally stopped and told her I don,t know, look it up in Google like I do.  Now she throws barbs at me.  

I could throw them back and almost did, but then I thought,  just leave the friendship which is really one sided.  When and if she ask why, then when i,m calmer, I can explain it in a calm way.

She used to be fun, but is so negative now, I can,t let her in my space anymore.  I can fight believe me, but why. Not worth it. 

Her problem is She is very unhappy and envious. I am 84 and want to live each day as my last. I enjoy everyday good or even when problems arise.

Solve the problem if you can or want and move on. Life is very short, believe me.  I wish I had taken my advise years ago when I was younger.

I had a great day today.  Walked the mall with my dog. Talked to some people.  Listen to my Frank Sinatra , Barb. Streisand, you know the oldies but goodies. Even Elton John He sang and wrote CANDLE IN THE WIND FOR PRINCESS  Diana WHEN SHE PASSED

Went to   See,s  got Easter candy, BBW, brought candles, Brought this person home made cookies, got gas and dinner.  Then I Zoomed for two hours with sister in another state.  Just now got through with one hour of free weights.  Now will sit and watch TV.

You have to feel sorry for people that want to attack you because they are miserable and don,t know how to make themselves happy.  

I use to think I needed all these people in my life to make me happy.

We do need people, but not rely on them for happiness. That,s a plus if it just happens. You need to be your own best friend. The rest is icing.



Love your post, @qvcaddition. I'm glad you had a great day, sounds like a winner to me!

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Re: Establish boundaries? What does that even mean?

Received an email from the person I mentioned explaining that she was having a bad day and apologixed. She said her family was dumping their problems on her and she was in a bad mood and took it out on me.

I accepted her apology and told her I didn't answer her barbs because I realized it would serve no purpose and I refused to let it spoil my day.  I was sorry for her misery and she needed to set bounderies with them.