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@HP in NY wrote:
How can I prove fraud to my utility company...
My bill is over $500.00 ..
Any help would be appreciated..
My life hasn't changed much since the pandemic.
Single no kids etc. I continued to work the same schedule thank God ... Help

@HP in NY 


What type of fraud are you alleging?

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A "friend" of ours was hauled into court because he had run the common hallway lights of an apartment building into the meter of one tenant.  Don't know the outcome, but I'm sure tenant received satisfaction.  It's kind of hard to ask said friend how much they jabbed him, I'm assuming there was a fine involved.  So don't give up, pursue help.

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Check your old reading from from the last bill against your meter.

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You were given many good suggestions PLEASE follow up.


Years ago my Mom ran into trouble with her gas bill. She was on a budget and paid the same amount every month. Then she got a bill for $600+. It was the bill after they replaced her gas meter. The city had come around the neighborhood and replaced all the gas meters.


My Mom called and asked the Philadelphia Gas Works to check their records. The Philadelphia Gas Works is owned by the city of Philadelphia. They hung up on her several times. And told her she was wrong and she should pay the bill. If she didn't pay the bill they would cut off the gas to her house. Well, you don't tell an 80+ year old woman that her gas will be cut off with winter fast approaching.


So she paid. Your can't fight City Hall.


Her new gas bills were for the same budgeted amount as her old budgeted bills. And when I sold their house 4 years later, the final gas bill was prorated $8.93. So the budgeted amount was accurate.


Please call the electic company and often if needed.