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 The most fun is  sampling  different dishes and sharing using  clean serving utensils  .

 Love to try   various cuisines !

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This is my theory - just mine.


But I bet on the set, they have the caterer order food for the scene. And each actor wants their own container. It is easier to eat in that scene if they are just dealing with one container.


Besides they know they were the only one eating from that container. They don't want other people digging into the containers with the other people's chop sticks.

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Why does there have to be one " right way " to eat Chinese food ?  

" You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts."
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
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We mostly make our own stir frys.


If we go out for Asian we each order what we want, same thing or not.  Why would one feel compelled to order different dishes?  Get what you want.


We don't take leftovers home from Asian restaurants because usually it is smells or garlic and doesn't reheat well anyway.  And we never do Asian take out. 


I fail to see an issue here.  But that's not unusual for me. 

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We don't share.  I would say 7 out of 10 times my husband will order Egg Foo Yung for himself and it's not something I care for.

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Everyone in our family orders what we want and have our own cartons.

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We order our own meals and have never seen chopsticks offered at the restaurant. Just plastic utensils. 

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Depends on the group.  I've dined in and out with some groups of people where we order a variety of items and then share buffet style.  I have other friends/family where everyone makes their own selection and sticks with their own choose.  I'm okay with whatever choice the group makes.  We do use plates and don't eat out of the box.  Some of us use chopsticks and some use forks. 

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I just went out with a group of GF's a few weeks back, to a Chinese restaurant. We all ordered different dishes and shared them.

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@Shanus wrote:

@chrystaltree wrote:

We order multiple dishes, our favorites and we share.  You are confusing tv silliness with real life.  I've never in my life seen a group sitting around eating  Chinese food from a box with chop sticks.  As for the couple,  I'm sure they had their reasons for doing that way.  They didn't want two different things, they wanted the same thing.


@chrystaltree   It's not silliness. It's on TV shows more often than not. 


You just proved her point.

TV show = silliness


In my family we order different things but we rarely share.   I prefer beef dishes, the others prefer chicken.   I like spicy, they don't.   I like steamed rice, they like fried rice. At my age, I pretty much know what any asian dish tastes like.  No need to share.