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This happened yesterday evening.  Husband saw it but didn't get phone out in time.  Photo lifted from Gothamist, who found it on Twitter/X.    There are other cool photos of it out there in other local news sources.  It doesn't make up for all the humidity we've been having, but it's a nice start.  Maybe unicorns are real?



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It's gorgeous.  And extra beautiful that it appeared in the sky on 9/11.  Very moving.

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Re: Double rainbow over NYC

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Thank you @Bookplate .  It is beautiful.  I agree @moonandthestars , special it appeared on 9/11.

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Yes, and greatly needed over NYC, a ray of sunshine and hope.

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Re: Double rainbow over NYC

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This was truly astounding.... something to always remember.  Even my "rows and columns" DH was truly taken aback.  Amazing tribute never to be forgotten.... 

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How magnificent is this rainbow. It is perfectly fitting for the remembrance of 9/11. It is just so picturesque!