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I like to keep the door open

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Closed it has to be cold and dark for me to sleep

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We sleep with the door closed.  It was quite a chore to teach Shadow not to chew and he sleeps next to us.  He only barely whines to go out.  You'd better be listening!

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Closed.  If Alfie, our cairn terrier, needs to go out at night he wakens me.  This is very rare but just in case we close the door.

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@Mom2Dogs wrote:

Do you keep your bedroom door open or closed at night?  Not sure why dh and I sleep with the door shut, it's just the two of us in the house and the dog.


The dog does sleep with us, maybe we think she will wander thru the house at night, not sure! 

I keep it closed...otherwise he hears every little noise...I do too! Woman Happy

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@luvzchiz wrote:


there is too much clothing hanging on the doors to close them.


Woman Happy Boy can I relate!!!!!! 

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Open.   I can't stand having the door closed.  I need the ventilation and I want to hear if there are any unusual noises during the night.  

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Always closed. My bedroom feels like a safe, comfortable cocoon to me. Like others have said, I like it dark and cool. Bedroom is on the northwest corner of the house and if I left the door open I’d have the east sun coming up in the morning and shining towards the door. I don’t want to get woken by anything until I’m ready to get up. 

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We sleep with the bedroom door open. I want to be able to hear anything going on in the house. 


Also, sleeping behind a closed door would only hinder us, if the house was on fire. I would want to know asap, not when the house was engulfed. 

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We don't close it all the way so we can hear any alarm.The basement door stays open so we can hear the fire alarm on the top floor.