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I donated a car full of stuff about a month ago. It is a good feeling knowing that it will help those in need.

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I think it's every other Saturday is 50% off everything, DD took me and I like a bargain but I will not do that again. No parking, no carts, and pushing threw everyone. I don't buy clothes but now have 3 sizes of crockpots, little one for gravy etc... I am retired and have seen dishes that my Mom had. Childhood memories. LOL My friends have Grandchildren and they buy books and some toys (disinfected wipes with all of it) the kids love Grandma's toys, even get them clothes. This isn't for everyone, but also Goodwill trains people that may have fallen on hard times for jobs. I saw a show how Goodwill works with people to be retrained into society. 

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I also donate to Hospice.   A lot of people shop there.  I donated one of my husband's suits.  So far I can only part with one suit.

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I donate all the time.  I do feel refreshed everytime I drop off my bags.


I keep bags handy everytime I put laundry away so clothes which are too small for any kid are put in the donate bag right away instead of back in a closet.  Also sneakily put some of DH's clothes in there without him knowing.

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You’re a good soul! 💛🌼

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We do the right thing. In doing so we reap the benefits of feeling in our life make a difference. Not so much in the big areas in the situations where no one knows except us and that's plenty good enough for me. Thanks! Heart