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I live UP north in the summer and DOWN south for the winter.  I live IN two different states during the year.

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You're right!  I grew up in Queens, which is on Long Island, but most people don't think of it that way.  BTW, it's pronounced "Lon Gisland".


I now live on the west coast,  in the south west.


One thing I noticed when I moved here 20 years ago, was that if you say to a non-NYer that you were waiting "on line", they would think you were talking about the Internet, and not the grocery checkout.  I quickly learned to say waiting "in line", to avoid the confused looks I would get, lol.



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I have always lived in somewhere...never on somewhere...but I would love to live on a houseboat....similar to the one in "Sleepless In Seattle". Woman Happy






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I live IN the state of Hawaii, ON the island of O’ahu, IN the city of Haleiwa.

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@ALRATIBA wrote:

When I was writing something this morning ... it occurred to me that some of us live IN somewhere and some of us live ON somewhere.


My sister lives ON Long Island.  My brother lives IN WV.  A friend is spending the summer ON Cape Cod. 


Another friend lives IN Dongan Hills ON Staten Island.  Another also lives ON Staten Island, but ON Todd Hill.  


Funny about Long Island.  There are four counties there.  Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn and Queens.  


People in Brooklyn and Queens never say that they live ON Long Island.  They simply stay that they live IN Brooklyn or IN Queens.  I was born IN and grew up IN Queens.  When our house IN Queens was sold, my parents moved out to Long Island!


I now live ON an Island, but we say we live IN Manhattan, not ON Manhattan.  


So ... do you live IN or ON?

As a New Yorker, I'm sure you know that New York City is comprised of 5 boroughs: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island.  Brooklyn and Queens are NOT counties on Long Island.  Nassau and Suffolk are the two counties on Long Island.


People in Brooklyn and Queens would never say they live on Long Island because  they don't.  They live in New York City.  Once you cross City Line, which to my recollection is at Lake Success, you are then in Nassau County on Long Island.


I was born in Brooklyn. When I was 3 my parents purchased our home in Queens.  Brooklyn and Queens are part of New York City.  When I got married, we built our house in Suffolk County which is on Long Island.


I hope my post clarifies things. I currently reside in Ohio and am desperately homesick for New York City and Long Island.    docsgirl

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After reading some of the replies, I live IN the state of confusion.  🤔

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IN  WV for me.

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Re: Do you live IN or ON?

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I live IN my state and IN the woods and on our farm.

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I don't see any reason for confusion with these two words. They both have defined meanings.  Woman Frustrated

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Since my city is not ON an island or contain that word, I will say IN.