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When I started teaching out here 18 years ago, the kids got such a kick out of my accent.  They called me "My Cousin Vinny", lol.  Being compared with Marisa Tomei did not hurt my feelings one bit, but I noticed within a couple of years, people stopped asking me where I was from.  I suppose that being a teacher and speaking publicly all the time caused me to conform more readily. My DH still has his NY accent after 20 years. Whenever he orders cawfee he always gets a giggle from the waitresses. Also, some of us pick up accents easily. When we visit his Kentucky family, I always come away sounding like them. 

@house_cat...Many people have told me that we never lose our NY accent.  After living in CA for several years and calling family in NY I remember one time after speaking to a New Yorker on the phone I made this comment..."Lord, I hope I don't sound like that."  And yes, I believe if we live in a certain place long enough we will pick up their way of talking and will sound just like them.  And I loved the movie "My Cousin Vinny", always has been one of my favorites.

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