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@ALRATIBA   Interesting!  I would say I live In the Pacific NW.....and In the Seattle area.

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@Mary Bailey, I could live on Panera salads, or just about anything they sell in that place.  It’s hard to ignore their bakery goodies, isn’t it?  Now that they post calorie counts.....

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@PamfromCT wrote:

@Mary Bailey, I could live on Panera salads, or just about anything they sell in that place.  It’s hard to ignore their bakery goodies, isn’t it?  Now that they post calorie counts.....

I order by calories LOL 

I bring bakery to GS  I don't eat it (well, once in blue moon)

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I was curious about how "they" referred to the Florida Panhandle.


I googled and found both ... "Cities in Panhandle of Florida"  and


"Florida Cities on Panhandle".


Have to go check on Oklahoma and WV panhandles!

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I've always lived IN ....Brooklyn, Queens, NJ & now PA

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Re: Do you live IN or ON?

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IN Apt #
ON "X" Street

IN "Neighborhood" (some NYers live ON "Neighborhood")

ON East or West side
IN Manhattan
IN NY County
IN NY State
IN The U.S.
IN North America OR ON The Continent of North America
IN The Northern Hemisphere
ON Earth
IN The Solar System
IN The Milky Way
IN The Universe


I guess I'm, basically, an "innie"

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i grew up in Eastern Suffolk Co ON Long Island.  When I went off to college in Boston, few students knew what or where Long Island was. (unless they were Islanders fans) People never seemed to own maps.


Oh and then when i would go to Emerson or another college mixer they would say "Yaw Nawt from around heah ahh you?"  and ask where i was from.  And then say OOOHH LAWNNN GUYYLAND

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@ALRATIBA wrote:



Queens and Brooklyn are boroughs of NYC ... but they are also counties and physically located on the strip of land called Long Island.


There's a Queens County Courhouse, Queens County Clerk, etc., etc.


Brooklyn has a Kings County Clerk,  Kings County Courthouse, etc, etc.


From google  ....


Long Island is a densely populated island off the East Coast of the United States, beginning at New York Harbor approximately 0.35 miles from Manhattan Island and extending eastward into the Atlantic Ocean. The island comprises four counties in the U.S. state of New York. Kings and Queens Counties and Nassau County share the western third of the island, while Suffolk County occupies the eastern two-thirds. More than half of New York City's residents now live on Long Island, in Brooklyn and Queens. However, many people in the New York metropolitan area colloquially use the term Long Island to refer exclusively to Nassau and Suffolk Counties, which are mainly suburban in character, conversely employing the term the City to mean Manhattan alone.


Well, color me stupid.  I never knew that and I lived there most of my life.  We always referred to NYC by the 5 boroughs and Long Island by Nassau and Suffolk Counties. So, since I was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, and moved to Suffolk, I've lived on Long Island my entire life!  WOW!!!  What an eye opener. Thanks for enlightening me and my sincerest apologies to anyone I might have offended by my ignorance.  My best friend, who now resides in Colorado, was born and raised in Astoria, Queens.  I'm going to ask her if she thinks Brooklyn and Queens are part of 'the Island' as it was always referred.  I'll bet she, like me, does not know the information you just gave me.  As old as I am, I learn something new every day.  Thanks.    docsgirl

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I'm thinking "snowbird"?  Woman Wink

Lucky you.

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@ALRATIBA  I just e-mailed my best friend who grew up in Astoria, Queens.  I asked her if she thought Queens was part of Long Island and, lo and behold, she did.  I can't believed I've been alive for 73 years, most of them spent in New York and never knew that Brooklyn and Queens are part of Long Island.  Thank you, again, for the enlightenment.  docsgirl