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Re: Do you ever feel…

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@Susan in California I hope you will consider getting another furry friend.  We lost our 15 year old to cancer in October and a younger dog 2 years earlier.  We still miss them both, but just adopted a year old rescue who is a handful and definitely keeps us busy.  

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Yes, thank you for your comment.  We have a rescue who is 5.5 years old.  We got him four years ago, an Akbash mix.  We love him dearly, and we could never be without a dog.  At the time, the two dogs worked out well together.


I think it is just always hard to lose a beloved pet, and as you know, each is unique and will never be forgotten.



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Yes, and those "tears of joy"  are so heartfelt.

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Specific songs on the radio, riding in my car can trigger a memory so's as if I'm with my husband and we are dancing,'the night away'.


He and I were really into music; and more specifically dancing.


We'd enter a dance  a dance contest and would often win.


This was back in the late 60's and early 70's.


The music was amazing back then.

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I really doubt you would get upset in a public place such as a line.

When you're out, there are so many things to see, feel like temperatures, and people around, you would be drawn through all of your senses and not be likely to focus on a negative.

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@ECBG  Truthfully, I have become teary eyed in public many times. 

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I think I have gotten worse about this as I've gotten older!  I think things do affect me more deeply than they used to, but I've always pretty much been this way.  My mother used to tell me, you don't have to feel ashamed because you have a soft heart!  

"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." - Steve Martin
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It depends on the situation...but right now my niece has been diagonsed with cervical cancer and is still waiting on results of MRI waiting to have a PET scan and a few other test to determine the extent of the cancer.  


She has been thru a lot of health issues in her relatively young life and I am just sick over this latest yes, lately I am a bit fragile.

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@Mom2DogsSo sorry, that is difficult to endure and heartbreaking Smiley Sad


I never used to get teary when I was younger but I tend to now.  I do think hormones play a role for sure as I've been way worse since I went through menopause........I did cry in a grocery store once, I was just having a really "off"  day.   It's somewhat normal as long as you are not crying constantly.

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I think that's normal for some people, they are more sensitive.  I think more in tune with their feelings.