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Re: Do You Know Anyone Who Posts?

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I wish I did.  Years ago when GJ did Positive some of us exchanged phone # and talked.  We were all in different states except GJ & my dearly departed friend Linda IN MN.  She & I talked for years and I haven't felt the same sense she passed away.  I miss her!


Sometimes it seems that posters know eachother or maybe they just know someones "name" and answer whenever they see them.


I had invited one of my neighbors (Debbie) to join Butterfly & Friends on the new Positive but she is quite ill and hasn't done it yet.


Most of my neighbors know I write here and sometimes when I get a comment out of left field I wonder if it isn't one of them.  Or maybe it's just another poster who doesn't like what I have to say.  I do try to offer help if I have experience on a subject.


Maybe some of you know your friends from FB?  I'm not on there.......Cat Very Happy

@Jackhound Mom


@Was that LininMI @O@ ?  She has a beautiful granddaughter with blond hair who once donated it for locks of love?


I really loved posting with her & she had excellent skin advice.

@Drythe--I believe her nic was LyninMI.  I remember her and wonder if she still posts.  She was nice. I hope she is well!


I used to only post on Beauty until I went totally organic with makeup, body and skincare.


I also remember some other posters who used to post there about 10 years ago, Xanax4smiles, PhillyZepHeather, Joella.  I probably hacked their names up!  Do you remember them?


            @Drythe and @Lucky Charm, If this is the one -- @lyn in MI -- she hasn't been here for about a year (you can click on her name that I posted and see her profile).    I remember her, too, and miss her.



@dooBdoo Thank you so much ~ you are such a sweetie!


Yes, that is exactly who I was thinking of.  She had a good bit of knowledge about cosmeceuticals and lots of sense.  When she tried a new product she would keep records of changes, and would give them a good long trial, and make performance comparisons to other products she knew.  I miss her very informative posts and wish her well.

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Re: Do You Know Anyone Who Posts?


I am so grateful that I was able to meet and become friends with several people here on the board. Many MANY years ago, the Q had a chat room of sorts for a short while, and a bunch of ladies went in there and were able to connect via emails and phone. I have to say I've made what I consider to be lifetime friends from this board. One of my first friends, and one of the sweetest ladies around was Aunt Bertie. She and I spoke on the phone frequently and shared our happy news, as well as some of our sad news. I was heartbroken when she passed away, and will never forget her.


I am very grateful to QVC for allowing these beautiful people into my life.


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Re: Do You Know Anyone Who Posts?

@jackthebear wrote:

I don't have an issue with PM,  and it would make this a better forum


treating posters like children who can't accept differing opinions and thoughts, through deleting has not been good



for the board



That's the way some act.

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Re: Do You Know Anyone Who Posts?


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Re: Do You Know Anyone Who Posts?

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Many years ago I almost met with a regular here who lived in a neighborhood very close to mine.  It never worked out and she ended up moving across the country soon afterwards.  However I did meet up and had lunch with someone from the Ripka jewelry board.  I know that group (Ripkanistas) has met up a lot over the years.  I had a nice time and it's too bad we never continued.


Years ago I was active on the craft board.  While I never met any of the women in person we all loved scrapbooking so much that I started a group where we would exchange handmade cards & other bits of artwork.  Our exchange continued for a few years and one of the women set up a private board for us to communicate which was active for several more years. 


However Facebook came along and we moved all of our communication to a FB group.  By that time I had an Etsy shop which kept me very busy and fulfilled with crafting so I sort of stopped posting with the group.  It seemed to be fading away though I think some still post there.


ETA:  I actually DID meet one of the women for shopping & lunch from the craft board!!!...I almost forgot!  We had a nice time but she lived far and was only in my area since she was visting a relative for several days.

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Re: Do You Know Anyone Who Posts?

most forums/message boards

have to ability to turn on/off a PM function,  so if that were offered here,  it would probably come along with it.


in other words you don't have to accept a PM if you don't want to.  


in addition most boards provide a block/ignore function which is lacking here

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Re: Do You Know Anyone Who Posts?

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@Jackhound Mom


I started least 2001...the year our DD was starting college. At least, that is when I first knew about QVC. As she was leaving home, I was becoming an empty-nester.

Computers were so new... I used to lay in bed at night when the whole House was asleep and try to decide how to get a picture into the newsletter. 🤳🏻 How far we have come!

I started a newsletter for her high school dance group ...that was 1989 (approx). We were most likely still only using phones to order here! lol💗


I gingerly stayed mostly within two groups and now I can’t remember the exact names of the groups. One group had to do with “friends” and the other was in a section called “beauty” and something to do with chat. These two groups were rarely controversial. For any hot topics ( fireworks)  I went to another more political group and usually just read.


The NR person was trying to sell a bogus argon oil...I read about it occasionally here and there.


I have made good forever friends on this Q forum.  I go within it where I feel wanted.

My friends from here still either email or touch base on FB. 

We set up our communication base with some confusing computer tactics.

One forum/FB friend was lost to me for months! But I located her thru her FB contacts. She is now FOUND. YAY🎉 


I will always remember how this forum helped me thru some of the most joyous as well as difficult circumstances in my life...and yes, it included SHOPPING! lol


Today is a lovely colonoscopy procedure (how nice🤦🏼‍♀️). Right now I keep thinking I will go into the kitchen and grab a I won’t! So until later this afternoon (after a BURGER) I will be back!


My forum activity remained “choppy” during the years 2001 - 2014. I re-started my career (new career) in the teaching field. SPED HS MATH.


But some of those years held lonely holidays for me, such as Christmas. I hung out here on the forum with some posters who were really cleverly funny... preds, burnsite, a lady who was a bartender in New Orleans who feared for her life (now THAT story felt made up to me); dooBdoo.


There were some posters  that were very opinionated and some animated discussions ensued. I was not involved in many of the more animated ones because I had my mind-set on the teaching thing. But it was so great to have a place like this!


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Re: Do You Know Anyone Who Posts?

I met NR and a few other posters quite a few years ago at a Oak Brook (I think)   restaurant quite a few years ago. It was a very nice gathering,  I don't think I know anyone now.  (The NR incidents happened later)