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The poor guy must have been famished and perplexed as to why someone would refuse to order a salad so that he could have a meal.  If he asks you out on a second date, that's when you will know it went well.  



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What a great post.  Good for you.  Enjoy,

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@sherrikay No 73 is not too old for you! Glad you went but truthfully he was likely hungry and didn't want to eat in front of you!


If there's a second date, order something small like a salad, even if you only pick at it so he can eat something! Woman Happy

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@sherrikay @I bet you looked beautiful! You go girl!

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While I haven't been to a supper club in ages I'd think he expected to order supper, listen to live music and dance a little.

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Good for you. I gave up on that over 20 years ago. After 2 failed marriages, I figured I'd just sit the rest out.

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Happy for you!

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I am pretty sure I will NEVER go on a date---after being married for 47 years--my divoce was final March 28th of this year--I have no desire for any of that again---epecially at age 68----friends --ok-- I can see that but nothing more---

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@sherrikay    He kept asking if you were hungry?  He was probably starved but didn't want to eat if you didnt, poor guy.

Right!? You went to a supper eat. Next time just get something small. The poor guy probably starved. 

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@sherrikay  - So nice to hear about your date.  Glad it went well.  I don't think he's too old for you.  I think it's great that you're dating.   It's fun to get out and spend time with someone.  Keep us posted! Smiley Happy