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Re: Daily Positive Thread for Wednesday

Gloriajean, it sounds like Linda is an inspiration to all who know her. I'll say a prayer for her. 


I usually read this thread with coffee in the morning, but I had two of my grandkids for a few days. Gloriajean asked their ages. They are 8 and 10, a lot of fun, and avid readers. 


Day1128, the Book of Proverbs remains as relevant today as all those centuries ago!  


Nancy, prayers for a fun school year and for students who are looking forward to returning.


As night falls, may all of you feel the peace that passes all understanding!


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Re: Daily Positive Thread for Wednesday

Hi everyone!  So nice to see so many posting here.  Welcome to the newcomers, KateE - and Day, it's wonderful to have new people here to know - KateE, I'm so glad you got out of that toxic envirement and retired and may God bless you in many ways!! Please do keep on posting - we'd love to hear more about you!  Thanks to the posters who are helping Nancy out with encouragement about her kitties. She can always have our support here.


In a half hour, we are leaving to spend the night at Darla's so she can sleep and we'll have twin duty!  They were crabby this afternoon, had a fussy time, so hopefully tonight they will sleep again after their feedings like they did last week.

They should really do that for Grandma and Grandpa!!