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Oh yes!!!!

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@Hooty, @YorkieonmyPillow

I was diagnosed 2-3 yrs ago and I've been on levothyroxine 75mmg (started out on 50, 4 months later my Dr increased to 75). It kicked in and really began working for me towards late fall 2017. My weight really began to drop off (mostly around my midsection is really where I carried it mostly from menopausal changes, everything slowed to a snail's pace).


Because of overall feeling better and seeing the wght drop off in Dec last yr I also began working out again, lifting weights, working out on 5 pieces of equipment in my basement. At this point believe it or not back to my high school wght - 105-107 down from 138-140. I'm 5'4" and have always been small frame, thin. I'm feeling great now.


Visit your Primary Care Physician, get a referral to see an Endocronologist to check you out. Thyroid takes only a blood test. Sounds like you've had this done already and know you are hypo. Good luck!


At this point I am still taking 75mmg levo. Not at all sure I'll be on this for my life. I am seeing my Dr end of July for a checkup, saw her in December. We were on the annual visit plan but because my wght dropped off so quickly I became a bit concerned and I emailed her about it.


I also eat very well, have been tweaking my diet some years ago too mostly when DH got cancer. I also take a powered collagen mix from Andrew Lessman on hsn (or from another site) every morning in an organic no sugar kids juice, a couple of other regualr supplements. My hair grows faster and is thicker, nails grow faster, harder, I'm no longer tired thru my days. I walk 40-60 min every day w/my poodle, work out 40-60 with weights. I also eat 99% gluten free because we have a friend living with us who has ciliac disease and must eat gluten free. To somewhat accomodate him as we all eat dinner together each night, I no longer eat pasta not wheat products hardly ever now like I said almost 99% GF, I still like to eat a sandwich every now and then!!!

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@Shanus Hi Shanus! ! 👋🏻 I just replied to your Theresa Guidice comment!

As for napping. It's a "do". I love a nap or two duriing the summer when I'm off from teaching. 🤗 👍🏻  Hope you have a great day!

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I like a nap on a lazy Saturday afternoon, but it will impact that nights sleep.  So, no naps for me.

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@PINKdogWOOD: Wow- great success. Having blood work next week with follow up doctor appointment.Hope to discuss issues and get changes.Currently on levothyroxin 25MCG but last  three month struggling with no energy, hair really thin and balding on top.  Increased weight gain and food cravings.Will be 64 next month. Breast cancer survivor went thru the change twice. Really fighting daily naps around 2pm.  I was eating better and exercising but frustrated with lack of sleep and no energy.DH has memory issues, not sleeping . I need to stay alert and active. Yesterday, gave into the 2pm nap and did not wake up until 4am today!!!!! That can’t continue. DH said he watched me sleep and he later went to sleep. He didn’t want to wake me even though I failed to give him his medicine last night. Very frustrating and upset with myself. I was always extra skinny growing up and never thought this would be me now. Southern Bee

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Yes and some days I seem to really need one, lol.

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NO!  I wake up feeling like I have been run over by a train and very grouchy.  No naps for me.

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I do!


If a cat chooses to join me, it's even better!

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