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A heart felt thanks to all of you beautiful ladies who are holding my hand through this event.


Here's the back story if you missed it in Outfit Of


Ladies, thank all of you for your heartfelt support.   DH is still close to the ER.  They can't get past the nausea, and he can't eat which causes nausea. 

Today he had 2 bites of mashed potatoes and 1/2 snack pudding.  


They took him for a stress test and he couldn't stand over a few minutes.


This is a guy that constantly walks in the woods with Shadow.


For 8 days prior he was stressed to the max dealing with a major server that locked down a dentist causing no charts or xray of patients.  





The cardiologist came in this am and has scheduled DH 

for a cath test.  They are searching for a blocked artery that has gotten by regular nets.  They no longer go through the groin; rather the arm to inject the dye. There shouldn't be much blockage. He is slim and I am a heart healthy cook.


He did get a few saltine crackers down.  So glad I asked DS to bring them last night.

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So sorry to hear of DH problem.  He is on my prayer list.👍🙏

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Good that you posted this here.  I didn't read Outfit of the Day and would have missed it.  I will keep your DH in my prayers that the doctors can locate the problem. 


My DH just got a confirmed diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson's so I can definitely relate to your concerns.  For what it's worth, there's a lot of medical intervention available for blocked arteries.  Hopefully they will find the location and take care of it.  He could be walking Shadow before you know it.

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@ECBG  May the healing hands of God guide his doctors to the problem and heal him from his pain and sickness and give him the strength to better health.  May he also send an angel to wrap their wings around you and family to help you through this.  Stay strong.   

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Prayers for your DH and you too. ❤️

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Try to stay positive,

Praying for you
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@ECBG I am so sorry to hear this! I hadn't seen your previous post either.


I am sure they will find the cause; until then, I am praying for him and sending you virtual comforting hugs.

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@ECBG I hope they get to the bottom of this soon, they can do a lot for heart issues and sometimes even if you eat right and are slim you have hereditary issues, its good he got a warning if there is an issue.

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I also didn't see your original post. Good luck to your DH. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.🙏💖

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I had no idea your dh was not well.  Fingers cross for a good outcome.  I hope they can get to the bottom of his problem and fix it.

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