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We have cruised to Bahamas and suffered being bombarded by traders - however did not feel frightened just got fed up with the constant attention. Cruised to Jamaica -totally different story were advised to go only on supervised tours - which we did - but were not allowed to stop at colorful markets too dangerous. Very sad. Last Xmas we were in Mexico at Cabo st. Lucas and everywhere we went were armed soldiers - did not feel very relaxed. All in all love the cruises but just go by your gut and advice from the ship personnel. Such a shame as we have only felt this kind of danger the last 6 years or so. DH says no more after Mexico.
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Re: Cruising to the Bahamas

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Bermuda?  I love it.  Beautiful homes, friendly, good deals on skin care. I think the locals are wealthier than most of us.  Leave jewelry home no matter where you go.

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I went on a cruise to the Bahamas last summer, no problems.  We went diving and stayed in the tourist part where the shopping is.  Now Mexico is the other hand is a dangerous place, you couldn't pay me enough to go there.  I have many horror stories.

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We will be taking a similar cruise in April.  This will be my fifth cruise anywhere.  I tend to leave jewelry at home.  Not afraid of being robbed just losing it somewhere. We are careful when we go ashore, always taking the tours sanctioned by the cruise line... cost more perhaps, but I feel safer.  And I don't like being bombarded by the locals to buy things which often happens.  But I will add it happened in Alaska and also in Key West and we are talking about the USA.  


I might make one suggestion.  I don't take any hanging bag or tote ashore.  I wear a vest with secure  pockets.  I eliminate the opportunity for someone to snatch my purse.  They will have to snatch me first if they want something.Man Very Happy

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You have valid reasons for concern. We will NOT take any cruise that stops in Mexico or the Bahamas. If you must however, I would not leave the ship at the Mexico ports. In the Bahamas, maybe -- but do not wear anything that even looks expensive and do not carry a bag or purse. As others have said ONLY take excursions provided by the cruise line.
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Whenever I travel, be it land or sea, foreign or domestic, I NEVER take any jewelry.  I wear only a cheap watch.   Even traveling in the US, as others have stated, it is just too easy to leave something behind.  have a great time!

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Furry, listen to your gut.

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@I am still oxox wrote:

Most cruise ships have safes in the rooms.

I have been to the Bahamas many times and never found it unsafe, yes the vendos can be annoying but 90% of them are harmless.

Jamacia is the only destination that I felt uneasy about leaving our resort

oxox, I am having a problem reading your post because of the color and the small print. 

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I have been on many cruises. Best to leave your good jewelry at home and wear costume jewelry. When you get off the ship for excrusions etc.  don't even wear anything that looks like gold or of any value. You don't want to draw attention to yourself. We don't even get off the ship if the port is in Mexico. Bahamas is ok but always stay with a group and don't go off by yourselves. In many of the islands, the locals can be very pushy and in your face re: buying their wares. You just have to shake your head and keep saying NO if you are not interested. Jamaica is a port I find to feel a bit unsafe so my advice is always take ship sponsored tours or excursions.