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Oooh I like them @LdyBugz 

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What a great idea!  Do you mind if I ask how hold the kids are that you are giving them to?

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@isaboo  The oldest granddaughter just turned 14, and the younger one just turned 9.  I think the older one will love using the different colors in her room.  The younger one will love using the color morphing option when she makes her dancing movies.  (She is quite the extrovert and LOVES dancing!)  


I think just about any kid would like the lamp though, especially the kids that are into astronomy or aerospace.  


There are a lot of these on Am-azon.  I purchased the "NSL" Lighting Moon Lamp, 5.9", 16 colors, $18.99. Hope that helps!

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Thank you for sharing for Christmas my GD has asked to redo her bedroom.  i think she's starting to grow into a "teenager" her theme is dance -- and that would be perfect because she talked about wanting cool lighting in her room.



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What a great find!  Thanks for are a loving GrammaSmiley Wink

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  1. @LdyBugz   The solar lamp is cool.  Looks like the moon.  Is there an age specification on those?  I know they aren't to play with, but I'm wondering if that would be suitable for my 3 year old granddaughter.  I was thinking to set out of reach maybe on her chest of drawers.  I like it so much I may get one for me!  Thanks for sharing.
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Going to check these out.  Thanks for the post @LdyBugz .   

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@Elodie2  I looked at the product page on Am-azon and it does not have any age recommendations.  There's nothing on the box either.


I think keeping the light out of reach from a toddler would be fine.  I would hope that the dresser is secured though in the event the child is tempted to climb on it and investigate things.  

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@homedecor1  Maybe she would want one of those mini disco lights instead.  They have those on Am-azon, too!  

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I've seen a light up globe too on A m a z on. I'm thinking about gifting it to someone.