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FYI for those who remember Connie -


How sad that Connie Kunkle, a long time host from Evine, passed away at 58.  She disappeared from Evine some time ago, and people wondered where she went.  Her FB page indicates she had early onset dementia and passed peacefully in her sleep. 

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Such a sad story.  She was a beautiful and wonderful host.

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OH MY GOSH!  That is awful.  I thought she was hysterical.  What sad news!  Prayers for her family!!  

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To her family,

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Sad news indeed. I was wondering about her "mysterious" leave of absence on Evine and feared the worst. So young at 58. Always felt like we were kindred spirits fashion-wise. Rest in Peace.



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Oh my goodness this is such sad news!  Just the other day, something came across my FB news feed from Chuck Clemency and he had shared something to Connie's page.  I had sort of forgot about her until I saw that.  


Now I read this.  I thought Connie was hilarious.


I never witnessed some of the odd behavior others posted about on this board but some of the things said about her were awful.  You have to wonder if that behavior posted about wasn't related to this.  Smiley Sad


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Oh no, that's awful.  So young to have that terrible disease.  I always enjoyed watching her on Evine until right before she disappeared, when she began behaving in a different manner.  She started getting really loud and pushy when selling. I figured that was why she was gone from Evine.  I had no idea Dementia was her problem.  How sad.

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Wow.  How sad.

I never knew her name, but I did miss her face.  

Just went on YT and found a video of her SINGING.  Sounds like she had planned a career in show business.

Also, found an article on southwestmetromag dot com about "miracles".

While she was on vacation in Peru, she saw a crossed-eyed girl in a parade.

Long story short --- she had someone track down the girl's family and she paid for her eye operation.

The girl would've gone blind a year later.



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Re: Connie Kunkle passes

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This is very sad news about Connie. I was thinking about her a couple of weeks ago and wishing that I had purchased her Christmas cd when it was being featured on what was then ShopNBC - now Evine. I enjoyed watching Connie. She was such a free spirit and seemed to really embrace life. She talked often about her love of travel. She had gorgeous hair which she changed the color of often. The diagnosis of early onset dementia does seem to explain some of the behaviors I read about but never experienced to the degree that some viewers did. @RinaRina thanks for sharing that information about Connie. It fits with what I thought about her.


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Very sad news to hear. She was very young to pass from the disease. I wish her family peace and solace in dealing with their loss.