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I surely don't need to be complimented by others to make me feel good. I'm a confident woman and like what I like and look the way I think I look good. Period.

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@ Daisy wrote:

I agree. Sometimes you just can't help but notice when certain people don't ever compliment you -- whether it's about what you're wearing, your house/yard, your workout, the dinner you made them, your volunteer work, your accomplishments, your vacation, etc.



@ Daisy wrote:


 whether it's about what you're wearing, your house/yard, your workout, the dinner you made them, your volunteer work, your accomplishments, your vacation, etc.”


When I was teaching, I read many books about how to interact with students. 

As in @ Daisy s post, which I borrowed (hope you don’t mind and thank you), when you compliment it becomes sincere when you actually mention specifically WHAT you are complimenting.


For instance, “I like that color on you, it brings out your eye color.” is more specific and has more significance supposedly to the remark.


With young teen students (math) I would need to say, “I like how  your paper is so neat....all the figures are lined up making it easy to read and follow.”


For playground activities, “I like how you said HI this morning to the others.” This action of sociability teaches a child and helps them interact.

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@FlowerBear, they probably gush over each other because of their insecurities. I would ignore their rudeness and continue to be the kind person that you obviously are. 

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I get frequent comments on my handmade knits. Mostly original designs.


But the best complment I ever got was from my mother commenting on how white my white washables were.  My secret is no biggy ... just wash whites by themselves ... washing soda and detergent.  Never use bleach.



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Oh dinners must be fun....
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Sometimes a person may look so much better that people don’t give compliments...I think they are awkward stating the obvious. Also if you give too many compliments they can sound insincere. I would not worry about it as long as you know you look your best. I do know some people who need encouragement due to their health or personal issues, so I will compliment a pretty pin, earrings or sandal they have on instead of a general compliment. They seem to appreciate that.
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@ Flowerbear
I can relate to your feelings. Sometimes a compliment for something that someone has really tried on, done differently, or whatever goes a long way to giving another a boost or even strengthening a relationship. It doesn’t have to be phony but when something is positive, I think a positive remark can make someone‘s day.
For example on mother’s day we were also celebrating birthdays. I purchased nondairy for one, gluten free for another, and then a cake for all. I know they were bought, but in addition to preparing meal, i thought my planning was good. No comment from DIL. That’s pretty standard. It would have been nice.
I did however get lovely gift of grandkids and that was very sweet!