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@FlowerBear You probably always look good. The ones getting compliments probably look different so they get the compliments because of how much they have changed.

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i’m complimenting you on being a nice person. whether you receive compliments or not, you give them sincerely and freely. that speaks of your character imo. i myself love complimenting people. even strangers, much of the time. sure i receive them, but honestly, i don’t give it much thought. 


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No. But remember, women are jealous if you look good & esp. if you look better than they doSmiley Happy So I don't expect it. Family, again, No.


One reason I liked Lisa Robertson. She always looked good & complimented other women. Controversial topic.

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My self worth is not dependent upon the opinions of friiends, family or strangers.  So I guess I do not pay attention or keep track of what others say.

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Love to observe and notice things . Also remember alot so I tend to compliment people all the time. It is really sincere.

Many people never think to say nice things or notice anything that is not hitting them smack in the face.  Who doesn't love nice things being said about them. You can only be concerned about what you say and not others otherwise you are wasting valuable energy and your kind thoughts.

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Most likely your step families compliments would not be sincere anyway.  From the outside looking in it sounds as if step mom and step siblings are jealeous.    Stop complimenting them.

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CrazyDaisy, I don't think the poster depends on others for self esteem. It's just nice to be noticed and complimented. Life is hostile & needs some lubrication. Compliements are just nice.

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I am very observant and compliment freely when appropriate, but have one particular acquaintance I never compliment on her appearance.   Why?  


Her strong body language screams just how good she thinks she looks, and she wants it acknowledged verbally, especially if others are around.   I don’t give her the satisfaction, which saves me from hearing about the outfit, jewelry, shoes, her makeup, and anything else she thinks contributes to her awesome look.   

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@FlowerBear  I give compliments and I receive compliments; however, I don't give a rats patootie if someone doesn't compliment me.

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I'm suspicious of people who are generous with compliments, as they're often used to advance a hidden agenda.


Too many, especially women, are suckers for compliments about their appearance. I know what I look like and I don't take my self worth from someone else's words.

Whether someone else likes it or not is meaningless to me.


Sorry to see you keep score on who compliments who.