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Christopher Banks Chapter 11

Another casualty


The womenswear company filed for Chapter 11 on Thursday, a result of "financial distress resulting from the pandemic and its ongoing impact," it said. Christopher & Banks, which has approximately 400 locations in 44 states, said it will close a "significant portion" of stores and is in an "active discussion" to sell its website.

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Re: Christopher Banks Chapter 11

Oh no!  This year was the first time I have shopped there and I ordered online.  Hate to hear that 

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Re: Christopher Banks Chapter 11

When I lived in Ohio, I used to shop their store all the time.  They always had such cute clothes and always had new things coming in.

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Re: Christopher Banks Chapter 11

There aren't going to be any mid priced brick and mortar clothing stores left if this keep up. 

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Re: Christopher Banks Chapter 11

Just read the following on Facebook:    Sad news as I had just found them and loved them!


To our valued customers,⁠
We announced in December that we had concerns about our ability to continue as a business given the impact of COVID-19. Our entire company has put forth a herculean effort to fight through this. However, a once in a 100-year pandemic proved to be an impossible event to overcome. As such, unfortunately, the company is experiencing liquidity constraints, and as a result, we must immediately start winding down our operations.⁠
As you may have already heard in media reports, Christopher & Banks is closing all brick and mortar locations. This decision wasn’t made lightly, but is the best course of action given the circumstance. Our website remains open and is available to you 24 hours a day.⁠
As all of our stores wind down, our team members will continue to deliver the same amazing value and experience to our guests. We invite you to take advantage of even deeper discounts in-store on the items you love, while the merchandise selection is best! Check your email for the latest discounts and store updates.⁠
In addition, we have changes to our customer program, which can be found at:
On behalf of the Christopher & Banks family, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for your valued business over so many years. The past 65 years of operation simply wouldn’t have been possible without you.⁠
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Re: Christopher Banks Chapter 11

Oh no....hate to hear this.  I hope they can keep their website open.  This is so sad.

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Re: Christopher Banks Chapter 11

I hate to hear this too. Several stores in the big mall where I like to go have closed. I feel like by the time I get to go (staying away b/c of covid) ther won't be much left. 

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Re: Christopher Banks Chapter 11

That is too bad, I heard this the other day that our local mall will no longer have a Christopher and Banks. Makes me sad

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Re: Christopher Banks Chapter 11

Sorry to hear this. I own a few items from C&B and really like them. Always sad to hear of yet another company struggling & closing stores. Hope their employees can find other jobs.