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I can't stand the "up beat" of Christmas music day in and out.  To invasive!


I got a small boom box for my bathroom when I'm getting ready in the morning.  I also down load my favorites and put them on a USB for the car.



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IF you can't find it at Home Goods try Hobby Lobby.  THey have plenty.

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Thanks for posting this.


It reminded me to click over to my favorite free online radio station (Christmas Oldies), and I'm listening right now!

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I had Tony Bennett serenading me to Christmas tunes one VERY hot day this summer.  I totally enjoyed it!


Other than that, I really don't care that much for holiday music anymore.  My holidays are very relaxed at this point in my life.  But, for many years they were aggravating and stressful.  Christmas music just brings all of that "stuff" back to life in my mind.

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I have never been overly fond of Pop Xmas music. I like traditional carols and instrumental and choral European/British music - things I don’t hear all day every day on the radio or TV.  There are a few exceptions, but not many. And I don’t like traditional songs “jazzed up” or highly stylized. I want them to sound just like they always do, and IMO, should.


I don’t mind hearing this type of Xmas music starting just after Halloween, but it doesn’t bother me all that much to hear it before. “Feliz Navidad” and other pop Xmas from the 60’s onward, meh.

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Re: Christmas Music

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I heard Xmas music for the first time this season piping though my local mall last week. This early season nonsense does not hurry me any sooner to start my Xmas shopping. Nor will I  let this ruin my favorite holiday season ... I hear that QVC and HSN are counting down the weeks until Xmas... does not hurry me either. I ignore this and continue to enjoy this wonderful season. Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!Woman Wink

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Good music is never season related to me. It is either good music to me or it is not, and not many genre's of music I do not like. As with most other music lovers, it has to be music, not someone rhyming words to some non musical beat. A "jam session" to me should be called as such, a bunch of instruments winging their own sound by the person using them.


How some of these noises get classified as "music" escapes this music lover and musician.





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@HP in NY


I think it is too early, too. I haven’t heard any at all yet. Thank goodness! 


I enjoy it from Thanksgiving to New Year. More than that is too much.