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@ruthbe wrote:

We have a Chick fil A ......and for us...definately Chick-fil-A.



I tried the Chick Fil A...not impressed.

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@KingstonsMomIG wrote:



The "ridiculous lines" at Chick-fil-A shows you how good it is, LOL!


Not enough for me to wait in line. (And, really, it's not that good.) I think some people SAY they like like it just to give the finger to McDonald's.

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Chic Fil A fries their chicken in Peanut Oil! My daughter had to ask becuase our grandson is allergic to peanuts, so he can't ever eat there.


That may be the "seasoning" you are referring to, it also gives my hubby a stomach ache, so we rarely eat there. I am not big on chicken sandwiches, but Popeyes is ok, but way too big for me...


I do like Chic Fil A's Chicken nuggets better than the actual sandwich! Their soup is good as well as their new side, Macaroni and Cheese....

VERY important point imho @CANDLEQUEEN. Thanks for posting.💓