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I gotcha' and I would feel the same way in that instance! Like you, I'm not waiting in line for anything that long!


In my area the lines are long, but they have several ordering lanes, so they move pretty quickly.

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The one Burger King has been offering for decades. 

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We like Chick Fil A and Wendy's the best. Definitely NOT Sonic's chicken sliders! Sonic's are supposed to be "spicy"...actually they are small, weird-shaped, breaded chicken patties with a few squirts of hot sauce, soggy lettuce and a few pickles!

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@depglass  My favorite chicken sandwich is not part of the chicken sandwich wars. It is at a chain fast food drive thru called cookout. The way I order is Griiled chicken, mustard, mayo, slaw and pickle on a bun. I do really like chick fil a also. 

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Nothing about a chicken sandwich appeals to me. 

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Yes, Wendy's is my favorite. 

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I see Zaxby's has jumped into the fray.   Anybody tried theirs?  I don't eat fried chicken sandwiches, but just thought I would throw it out there.

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I don't do fast food very often but when Chick-fil-a opened up here the lines were really long (like In-N-Out Burger).  After the lines settled down I went there once and did not like it at all.  We don't have Popeye's and I haven't tried any of the others.  

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Fun to see all the different views about these sandwiches! Me, I don't especially care much. Just doesn't sound good enough to bother getting.


After this past year, I guess I'm used to my own cooking. Boring at times but we always know what's in it. And I am finding I'm not very interested in even the finest restaurant food I can remember. I am looking forward to restaurants, for the settings and my companions, not the food. 


But I love to think of all of you savoring your favorite chicken treats!

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Chick-fil-A my number one but Arby's is a good second for me