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Re: Capitol Fourth--anyone know who the emcee is on the show tonight?

DD and I were looking forward to the program, but it was so disappointing. Didn't like the emcee. Missed Gary Senise. Man who did the tribute to FS was so flat. Thought they tried to turn it into a platform for social change rather than a birthday party for our nation. Did like Rhapsody in Blue and Barry Manilow. Macy's fireworks are better IMO and because the music is canned, it is better. Stil, God bless the USA. Hope all of you new friends have a wonderful evening.

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Re: Capitol Fourth--anyone know who the emcee is on the show tonight?

You know, I thought it was very odd that they announced Barry Manilow was headlining so late.  It seems like something you would book well in advance and promote.  Now if Barry was, say Loretta Lynn, who is frail and cancels more shows than she performs due to various health issues, I can see waiting until the last minute to announce it in case they needed to replace her.


The same thing with Bradley Whitford.  They announced him like 3 days ago.


I thought Barry was better than Neil Diamond.  I love both of them, but Neil can't sing very well anymore.  I think Barry sounds better than he did in Vegas when I saw him a few years back.


I think this show is trying to appeal to everyone by including every age group and every genre.


If they hadn't introduced KC and the Sunshine Band, I wouldn't have recognized Harry with that beard (and without his disco suit jacket that he always wears.


It was  just a very odd and ecclectic show.


And I didn't understand the camera angle for the fireworks.  All they showed was smoke from the cannons.

Very odd show this year.  

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